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Security : What are we forgetting.

Posted by Stephen Acerra on Jan 23, 2019 12:47:51 PM

We buy insurance and alarm systems to protect our homes. Now a day the systems will notify us when we leave and don’t set our Alarms, then they will set them for us let us know who came by the house turn lights on so outsiders assume we are home. Provided with the great new speeds of the internet. The internet has brought us amazing insight and information too. But that has come with a price.

Hackers, Thieves, and Con artist     no longer have to leave there home, they have the whole world at their figure tips to hack away and steal. To help protect you there are companies (LIFE LOCK, COSTCO, AND IDSHIELD) there are even id protection for your business. Watching EIN, ID’s Bank Account (BUSINESS ID THEIFT, CAPITAL OVERSIGHT, AND EZSHIELD), you can protect your computers and cell phones (NORTON, KASPERSKY AND MACAFEE).

But the most forgotten about area and products for security … Copiers.

Since the 2000’s copies have had hard drives built into the them. Making them a high security risk. The copiers keep a bit off all the data that you scanned and emailed. Are these documents you would like to find on the internet.  If you answered No to that then you need to call us for a Security client survey! 

New York Business Systems we take care our clients data seriously.  We can show you were your networks have leaks and vulnerability. Then along with our vast line of products we can propose the correct security software for you and your company.  Email or call 1-800-580-0099


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