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Konica Minolta partners with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to bridge Hardware and advanced IT Solutions

Posted by Clinton on Apr 3, 2018 1:35:13 PM
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Konica Minolta has created a partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (OEM) to build customize IT solutions that bridge with Konica Minolta's technology portfolio. Konica harps that the synergy between their teams is a perfect fit to help build a 3, 5, or even 10 year roadmap.

What does this mean for these two companies in short?

First, Konica Minolta is known for cameras and printers but actually also has a hand in many emerging technologies including AI, robotics, health products, 3D imaging, and more. Most relevant in this case is  their "Workplace Hub" which provides additional software products for their office and print solutions, designed in a similar fashion to the android and IOS app stores. This Workplace Hub offers numerous supplemental features to further empower users and enhance user experience.

Hewlett Packard's Enterprise solutions includes a suite of services scalable towards all business sizes and verticals with products such as Hybrid IT with Cloud services for mixed virtualization environments, mobility and IOT solutions, and high performance computing to support memory intensive services such as analytics and AI.

Together this partnership allows Konica minolta to bring more connected solutions to its portfolio with Hewlett Packard's cloud services and hyperconverged software technology, together engineered to meet the demands of any business environment.

What does this mean for your business?

Bridging hardware and scalable software solutions together means any business can quickly build a powerful infrastructure. Currently the success of businesses very much hinges on the ability to utilize technology to process, secure, translate, and act upon data. Overall this partnership puts you in the position to improve your IT ecosystem, manage it better, and sustain a competitive edge.

I am looking forward to seeing this synergy in action.


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Written By: Clinton Byrd



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